Water and Energy Services

EW Consulting’s employees have expertise in all types of water projects, programs and policies.  Our staff has both performed and managed all phases of water projects from planning through detailed design and specifications; contract review; and construction services. We also provide energy systems analysis and specialize in the water-energy nexus.



Water and Energy Services Include:

  • Watershed planning and management
  • Integrated urban and water resources planning
  • Stormwater planning and low impact design
  • Water supply including imported water and recycled water systems
  • Water banking and trends
  • Groundwater and recharge
  • Alternative water supply analysis
  • Water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Modeling
  • Water and energy training, education, engagement, and awareness programs
  • Expertise on water and energy efficiency for governmental, agricultural, commercial and industrial services
  • Evaluating the connection between water and the energy in engineering analysis and calculations for planning, designs and construction
  • Cost estimating and utility research for water and energy systems
  • Energy efficiency equipment, software and automation evaluation
  • Determining embedded energy in water, demand-side management, water-energy, and net-zero projects
  • System analysis and optimization to minimize energy and water consumption
  • Grant and application preparation, including for CA Independent Owned Utilities (IOU) rebates
  • Planning and design of energy and water conservation programs
  • Energy audits and consumption analysis and recommendations
  • Avoided energy, pump efficiency and system optimization


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