City of LA - Taylor Yard Park

Client: City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering
Project: Taylor Yard Park




In 2017, the City of Los Angeles purchased the Taylor Yard G2 parcel and initiated planning of a high profile project designed to be a “Crown Jewel” of the City’s Los Angeles River Revitalization effort. Ultimately the Project seeks to remediate contaminated soils, restore habitat for native flora and fauna, enhance river access, and provide a variety or both passive and active recreation opportunities for the greater community.

Located on a 42-acre parcel of land at 2070 North San Fernando Road in the community of Cypress Park in the City of Los Angeles, Taylor Yard was historically owned by Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and its predecessors and was used for rail maintenance and fueling, servicing nearly all freight rail transport in and out of downtown Los Angeles until 1973 when most of the operations were moved elsewhere. Since the early 1990s, portions of the site have been developed for transportation facilities, industrial buildings, and commercial uses. Currently, Metrolink is leasing a portion of the property along the southwestern border.



EWC completed the study for the Water Supply Analysis. This effort involved taking the park site concepts and designs and determining the water supply demands based on park components, stormwater BMPs and plant palettes. Recycled water, stormwater, potable water and using LA River water were evaluated as potential water sources. Verifying pipeline and permit requirements was also part of the task and various agencies, such as LADWP and the RWQCB were contacted. An extensive survey of all wetland parks in southern CA was completed and the details of each, including water supply source, plant palettes and wetland type was documented.

EWC also provided the Envision certification work and advised the City of LA on the options for obtaining a minimum of a Gold award from the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). In this capacity, EWC provided guidance to the project team on overall strategy, developed an extensive Checklist that easily describes the type of document(s) required to achieve Envision credits including policies, memos, reports, calculations, and public meeting notes. The components and features of each project concept alternative were summarized and evaluated to estimate what Envision points could be achieved for each alternative. An additional analysis was completed to determine how to achieve an optional Envision Platinum award.


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