Environmental and Water Professional Services
Environmental and Water Professional Services


EW Consulting, Inc. has employees with more than 18 years of experience dedicated to sustainable infrastructure projects, including being responsible for the first publicly owned LEED Platinum building in the world, being a VP and Director of Sustainable Strategies for a 10,000+ engineering and management firm, assisting with the development of one of the first GHG protocols for cap & trade at a Wastewater Treatment Plant, net-zero approaches and designs, and being one of the first to become involved in the water-energy nexus. Projects managed include several projects for the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, California Public Utility Commission for energy efficiency, renewables and distributed energy at a water agency.  

At EW Consulting, we can assist and provide cost effective advice with many sustainable requests and needs of all types of entities, both public and private. Types of sustainable services include the following:

  • Development of sustainable reports
  • Calculating and working on protocols, such as GRI
  • Developing sustainable metrics for projects, programs, offices, corporations, public entities, etc.
  • Training and development on sustainable projects, approaches, and impacts, especially related to infrastructure


At EW Consulting, we strive to demonstrate commitment to supporting sustainability in accordance with California legislation and principles. Not only do we comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, but we go beyond compliance by integrating the values of sustainability, stewardship, and resource conservation into our activities and services.

Our Company and its employees engage in pollution prevention activities and develop and promote practices that maximize beneficial effects and minimize harmful effects of operations, research, and activities on the surrounding environment. In order to inform the public about the goals of the company and the standards we operate by, EW Consulting Inc. has crafted our own sustainability policy that outlines our continuing efforts towards building a more sustainable future.                                                

As part of our effort to be a sustainable business, we enact the triple bottom line concept. By looking at people, profit and planet as they relate to our business we gain a greater understanding of the big picture and how each of these elements relate to one another in order to create a sustainable future. 

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Energy, Environmental, and Water Services

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