Environmental and Water Professional Services
Environmental and Water Professional Services

Professional Training & Community Engagement


EW Consulting offers public relations services, educational seminars, and facilitation and coordination between agencies and organizations. Our team has decades of experience in these services.


Training on numerous technical, engineering and management topics associated with energy, environmental, and water issues have been offered with much success. below highlights some of the topics that can be provided:


Professional Training and Seminars


Water Efficiency 

  • California Water Systems--Where Do We Get Our Water?
  • Do We Really Have a Drought and Water Crisis?
  • How Can I Be Part of the Water Crisis Solution?


Energy and Sustainability

  • Where Does My Power Come From?
  • How Do I Decrease My Power Bill and Energy Consumption Both at Home and at Work?
  • Living and Working Sustainably
  • Climate Change: What Does This Mean To Me, My Family, and My Job?
  • How Can I Be Part of the Solution?


Community Engagement


  • Support Public Works projects as well as Private company projects to meet Community Outreach Requirements
  • Guest lecturer in higher education courses
  • Guest lecturer in middle- and high-school courses
  • Neighborhood awarness program assistance


Target Audience


  • Community Clubs: Rotary clubs, Chambers of commerce, Optimists' clubs, High school classes, Community college classes, Kiwanis clubs
  • Professional associations: Hospitals, Attorneys, Accounting firms


Some of these services are available to the Spanish speaking community.

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Energy, Environmental, and Water Services

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