Environmental and Water Professional Services
Environmental and Water Professional Services


EW Consulting's energy experience includes energy effeciency, water-energy nexus, net-zero and sustainable energy-water designs.


Energy Efficiency:


Overall energy efficiency is a factor of multiple components. Comprehensive efficiency is integrated throughout designs, facilities and includes the involvement of all levels of employees. Efficiency ranges from evaluating all mechanical pieces of equipment to the software and automation that is used. Experience Includes:

  • Energy audits and consumption analysis
  • Minimization and results oriented implementation  
  • Environmental compliance  (Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Includes AB32)
  • Climate Change

Water-Energy Nexus:

We have been working in the water-energy nexus field for over 10 years.  Our services include evaluating the connection in both the water and the energy professions relating to engineering analysis and calculations for planning, designs and construction.  Projects include:

  • Engineering system analysis & optimization
  • Working with utilities & water agencies to find win-win solutions  
  • Identifying the water-energy nexus in watersheds
  • Intergrated resource planning
  • Advisory Services

Net Zero/ Sustainable Energy-Water Designs:

Net Zero and Sustainable engineering designs involve minimizing consumption while optimizing systems that both produce and consume water and energy.  Solutions in energy reduction and consumption include:

  • Training 
  • LEED analysis (existing and new)
  • QA/QC of designs
  • Planning
  • QA/QC of construction & construction management
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Energy, Environmental, and Water Services

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