Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District - Drought Response Stormwater Capture Project


Project Overview

EWC led the concept design development process for stormwater capture and watershed education project for Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica, CA and wrote and submitted a grant to the State Water Resources Control Board Drought Response Outreach for Schools (DROPS) that resulted in a $621,000 grant award for the 1.1 Million dollar project.



Project Elements

The project was designed to capture stormwater that created a flood nuisance at Will Rogers Elementary School and turn into an asset that augments the campus water supply, reduces runoff and associate pollutant loads, and enhances student and community learning. Elements include:

  • Stormwater capture bmps including cisterns, rain barrels, bioswales, expanded tree wells, permeable pavement and sub-surface infiltration basins.
  • A watershed education garden to be used by students, teachers and community groups in an interactive environment. Harvested water to flow through the display, demonstrating the water cycle and allowing for student investigation of water capture, water quality, soil permeability and infiltration. 
  • Education curriculum development plan and interpretive signage designed to expose students and a wider audience to the campus improvements.


Project Management Duties

  • Coordinated with School District staff including administration, facilities director, teachers, parents, and project partners (City of Santa Monica and Heal the Bay) to develop project concept design that achieved flood reduction, water quality improvement, water capture, and educational objectives.
  • Worked with and project partner City of Santa Monica to develop stormwater management BMPs and quantify pollutant load reductions and annual stormwater capture projections
  • Completed and submitted all aspects of DROPs grant including concept plan, cost estimates, maintenance and monitoring protocols, performance metrics, and education plan. 
  • Obtained matching funds, in-kind services, and project support letters and from community and jurisdictional partners.


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