EWC understands that in today’s changing world, resilient engineering planning and design is critical to achieving public works projects that endure for decades. EWC has been one of the leaders in promoting this approach in to the engineering and construction efforts for Public Works project planning and design and encouraged these efforts in contract documents. With this background, EWC can help develop or update agency-wide resiliency plans. We keep abreast of the latest climate science and have the engineering know-how to assess how a changing climate will impact our region’s built and planned infrastructure.



Resiliency Services Include:

  • Climate Risk Assessments
  • Identify climate-related threats that increase risks including increasing temperature with more hot days and more extreme heat events; unpredictable rainfall with higher peak rainfall intensity resulting in increased flooding and landslides; more intense droughts; sea level rise; tsunamis; and increased fire hazards.
  • Map vulnerabilities for project sites and their surrounding areas using latest mapping resources.
  • Screen assets to determine value and vulnerability of assets.
  • Plan and Design for Resilience by recommending design measures that address risks.
  • Employ EPA’s Climate Resilience Evaluation & Awareness Tool (CREAT) to evaluate risk via threat-asset pairing and quantify benefits of risk reduction.
  • Evaluate Risk Assessment to determine if resilience measures are feasible, functional and cost-effective.
  • Develop Implementation prioritization and timelines for resiliency adaptation.
  • Develop design guidelines and training materials for climate resiliency
  • Prioritize infrastructure resilience improvement plans and recommendations for implementation phasing based on the level and timing of risks.
  • Organize Design Charrettes that bring together practitioners from many disciplines including scientists, planners, engineers and operators to solve resilient design challenges.
  • Convene Climate Science Experts for briefings, workshops, trainings and collaboration with engineers and planners.
  • Flood proofing planning for infrastructure and public works projects, such as treatment plants, electrical buildings and pump stations.


 Specific resiliency experience highlights include the following:

  • Wrote the approach and scope for climate resiliency for the City of LA’s wastewater and stormwater facilities
  • Worked with the City of LA to assess climate risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for 81 of the City’s wastewater and stormwater facilities
  • Drafted the City of LA’s climate resiliency design guidebook for LA’s Public Works Department.
  • Collaborated with New York City’s Engineering Department to expand the City of LA’s climate resiliency design activities and organization
  • Created resources for LA Metro to help them assess and map project vulnerabilities.
  • Advised the City of LA Mayor’s office on climate resiliency and sustainability
  • Assisted in the preparation of the Climate and Resilience Chapter of LA Metro’s latest Sustainability Plan.


Sustainability Services Include:

EWC has been working on Sustainable solutions since the 1990s and continues to update skills and knowledge relating to sustainable practices in the engineering, environmental, and architectural space.


  • Sustainability Services include the following:
  • Integrated, One Water approaches (potable, stormwater, groundwater recharge, wastewater, recycled).
  • Environmental compliance review including Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Sustainability Training Workshops.
  • LEED analysis for new and existing projects.
  • Envision Services- planning, analysis and certification submittals.
  • Design and construction QA/QC to ensure inclusion of sustainability measures
  • Engineering system analysis & optimization
  • Working with utilities & water agencies to find win-win solutions  

Sustainability Experience highlights include:

  • Responsible for managing the building and certification of the first publicly owned LEED Platinum building in the world.
  • Assisted with the development of one of the first GHG protocols for cap & trade,
  • Developed net-zero approaches and designs for the Federal Government.
  • One of the first to become involved in the water-energy nexus.
  • Managed projects for the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, and
  • California Public Utility Commission for energy efficiency, renewables and distributed energy.


Water and Energy

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