EW Consulting provides a wide range of advisory and QA/QC services for both local and national clients, focusing on utilities and public agencies.

Our employees focus on cost efficient , effective, and innovative solutions. They have decades of experience presenting to clients how to optimize systems.

We strive to exceed client expectations on every project.

Services Include:

  • Owner’s Representative for program management and public works planning.
  • Leadership and guidance for wastewater and stormwater facilities plans.
  • Technical review for infrastructure projects including compliance analysis.
  • Stormwater, wastewater, energy, and sustainability policy and program development.
  • Creation and review of monthly design and construction activity reports.
  • Project review and recommendations for design and construction cost effectiveness and efficiencies.
  • Contractor oversight on project design and construction requirements.
  • QA/QC document review for watershed plans and sustainability projects.
  • Consulting with divisions and groups on processes to ensure that sustainability components are integrated and referenced at all levels throughout a project’s life.
  • Review of contractual responsibilities, design criteria and modeling results for infrastructure projects.
  • Coordination and collaboration within multiple divisions and departments for all types of organizations.
  • Project concept plans, cost estimates, maintenance requirements and monitoring protocols.
  • Funding strategies identification and grant writing services.
  • Strategic guidance on stakeholder engagement efforts including meeting planning, facilitation and on-going communications.

Experience Highlights

  • In-house consultant and Owner’s Representative for significant efforts in the City of Los Angeles, including the groundbreaking One Water LA 2040 Plan.
  • Sustainability planning manager and advisor for design and construction of recent major LA Metro projects.
  • Owner’s Representative and advisor to the City of LA Mayor’s office on climate resiliency and sustainability.
  • Lead Technical Advisor for the City of LA’s Stormwater Capture Master Plan.
  • Envision Platinum certified assistance for one of LA Metro’s transportation projects


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