One Water LA 2040 Plan – Policies and Regulations - 2015 - 2018

Client: City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation
Project: One Water LA 2040 Plan – Policies and Regulations – 2015 – 2018
Services: Program Management;
EWC Personnel: Eliza Jane Whitman, Rebecca Drayse


Project Overview

EWC served as task lead for One Water LA policies and programs intended to remove barriers and increase efficiency for the City’s water-related projects and programs. EWC also served as a key advisor on interdepartmental regulations and policies.



Program Responsibilities

  • Worked with stakeholders and One Water LA Steering Committee members to develop a list of prioritized policies and programs for the City to pursue. Conducted workshops and meetings with stakeholders, city staff and regional entities to collect an initial list containing over 200 policy and program ideas. Analyzed the ideas and consolidated them into 39 policies and programs. Worked with City staff and stakeholders to prioritize the policies and drafted the technical memo that documented the approach and the final list of policies.
  • Coordinated with city departments and regional entities to identify barriers and increase opportunities for integration in water resource projects. One is example is researching Safe Harbor, and other liability protection measures for agencies like LAUSD who may capture stormwater directed from off-site.
  • Worked with academic institutions to identify future research opportunities including quantifying benefits of green infrastructure, identifying cost-sharing methods, calculating impacts of greywater systems on sewer systems and satellite water treatment plants.
  • Provided technical review, advice and comments on a variety of planning documents including the South Los Angeles Green Alleys Master Plan, the Los Angeles Mobility Plan and the Los Angeles Basin Stormwater Conservation Study.
  • Coordinated with Los Angeles Zoo to incorporate opportunities to capture and use stormwater as well as utilize recycled water for wash-down, irrigation, animal exhibits and collaborated on the development of the LA Zoo Master Plan. Conducted associated research on regulations related to use of recycled water in animal exhibits.
  • Reviewed Design Criteria, Specifications, and Design Manuals to determine infrastructure performance for climate resiliency.
  • Reviewed draft state and federal legislation to identify opportunities to provide input on implementing legislation and guidelines.
  • Worked with Department of City Planning to incorporate stormwater capture and other One Water LA water goals and objectives into new zoning codes (Re:Code LA) and the City’s General Plan Update.


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