One Water LA 2040 Plan - Climate Risk Assessment for Resilient Infrastructure

Client: City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation
Project: One Water LA 2040 Plan – Climate Risk Assessment for Resilient Infrastructure




The City of Los Angeles wanted to assess climate change risks and incorporate climate resiliency planning into their wastewater and stormwater facilities plans. The goal is to plan, design, and construct infrastructure that is both cost effective and resilient. It was recognized early in the process that the impacts to wastewater and stormwater infrastructure due to changes in climate conditions and weather patterns were not currently known. A Climate Risk Assessment of the City’s wastewater and stormwater facilities along with recommendations to safeguard those facilities were identified as key One Water LA 2040 Plan tasks.



Services Provided

EWC worked the City of LA to determine the questions that needed to be answered and identify the methods of analysis. Steps included benchmarking using the EPA’s CREAT Tool to evaluate risks at 81 of the City’s wastewater and stormwater facilities. Flood and tsunami impact zones were identified and risk mitigation solutions were identified.

EWC also worked with the City of LA and New York City’s Engineering Department to incorporate lessons-learned from infrastructure losses from Hurricane Sandy and the climate risk assessment process NYC developed as a result. NYC developed an infrastructure design guidebook, modified design criteria and developed policies for resilient wastewater and stormwater facilities and established a Climate Science Panel. EWC collaborated with NYC’s engineers, City of LA’s public works department, and Planning department to develop the City’s own guidebook.



By working with NYC, Los Angeles was able to streamline the Guidebook development process, and immediately begin to implement new design criteria for infrastructure projects.

Several departments within the City of LA are now collaborating and modifying design criteria. A guidebook has been drafted and the Engineering and Planning departments are already using it. The State of California Climate Committee took our recommendations and developed a guidebook in their own Public Works department. A Science Climate Panel Workshop was held in collaboration with NYC’s engineering department.

At EWC, we pay close attention to how we can improve results for clients now and in the future. We are dedicated to not taking the easy route when major infrastructure investments are at stake. This proactive climate resilient approach will save the City both time and money in the long run.


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