LA METRO - Sustainability Program Assistance Services


Project Overview

EWC has been serving as the Owner’s Representative for the Program Management task of overseeing the Sustainability Planning for design and construction of Metro’s major D/B projects. The major effort has been to coordinate within Metro, its multiple divisions, such as engineering and construction management, and working with the D/B Contractors. Housed within Metro’s Program Management Division is the Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Division (ECSD) and it is for ECSD in which EWC is performing their work.



Project Elements

The effort involves reviewing and responding to monthly reporting on both design and construction activities as well as monthly meetings with the contractors. The State of California’s CalGreen as well as local jurisdiction requirements, including both cities and counties, are involved in the compliance analysis. Review of designs, calculations, and reporting documents are completed monthly and then a compliance response provided.

In addition, EWC is working with Metro in updating both their design criteria for rail projects (MRDCs) and their Technical and Baseline Specifications. This includes working with numerous divisions and groups within Metro to make sure that the sustainability components are integrated and referenced at all levels of a projects life, from concept to construction and finally operations. Numerous ECSD and Metro programmatic recommendations and improvements to managing sustainability have been offered by EWC and are currently being implemented.

Finally, EWC is providing guidance and is a Technical Advisor and reviewer of one of the first transportation projects in the world to be certified ENVISION. EWC provides mentoring and guidance to in-house staff as senior and experienced professionals.


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