Envision Services


EWC has seasoned Envision certified professionals that can provide clients with the tools and strategies necessary to streamline the Envision submittal process and achieve their desired award level. Two examples below highlight just some of our work.


Client: Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

EWC provided a variety services to facilitate Envision certification of a 42-acre parcel known as Taylor Yard G2 River Park. The high profile project is being designed to be a “Crown Jewel” of the City’s Los Angeles River Revitalization effort. The work is ongoing, but Envision achievements to date include:

  • Provided guidance to project team on overall strategy needed to achieve a minimum Envision Gold award level.
  • Developed an extensive Checklist that easily describes the type of document(s) required to achieve Envision credits including policies, memos, reports, calculations, public meeting notes, etc. This checklist assists the client in understanding what they need to provide for the Envision Certification process. Responsible parties for each point are also identified.
  • Summarized the components and features of each project concept alternative and evaluated them to estimate what Envision points could be achieved for each alternative. Provided additional analysis on which project components should be considered to achieve an optional Envision Platinum award.
  • Created templates for each credit that was to be pursued and recommended other processes to assure that the necessary documentation is gathered during the design and construction process.
  • Surveyed public agencies with similar projects to determine strategies and costs associated with implementing non-potable water systems to achieve Envision and City Sustainability Goals.


Client: LA Metro

EWC has been providing guidance on Envision for Metro’s Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Department and has reviewed and assisted on two Metro projects: EXPO and PLE1. With this background, EWC has been working with Metro to develop an Envision guidebook for the Program Management task overseeing the Sustainability efforts for planning, design and construction of Metro’s major Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build projects.

The EWC Team did an extensive analysis of Metro’s Sustainability related specifications and policies, design criteria, and construction requirements including technical and general requirements to determine what Envision credits in each Envision category could be achieved by adhering to the existing documents. This analysis provides a realistic baseline for a achieving a minimum award level and highlights policies or requirements that could be modified or strengthened to achieve higher Envision award levels. PLE3 Tunnels is currently being evaluated by EWC to determine the baseline score for the project.


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