City of LA - LADWP Stormwater Capture Master Plan


Project Overview

The LADWP developed a Stormwater Capture Master Plan, which included evaluating existing conditions, determining stormwater potential, identifying projects, policies, and incentives. The Master Plan outlines LADWP’s strategies to implement stormwater and watershed management programs and projects in the City of Los Angeles to contribute to more reliable and sustainable local water supplies.



Project Elements

The goal of the master plan is to identify the potential stormwater that can be captured from rainfall and runoff to help reduce reliance on imported water and ensure water reliability. Centralized and distributed projects reliant on successful partnerships with other agencies, non-profits, and the community.

The Stormwater Capture Master Plan:

  • Quantifies Capture Potential
  • Identifies new projects/Programs
  • Provides cost estimates
  • Defines timing and key milestones


Project Management Duties

EW Consulting’s provided technical support, advisory services and technical review.


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