City of L.A. - One Water LA


Project Overview

EWC has been serving as an in-house consultant and Owner’s Representative to the City of LA for this groundbreaking effort managed by LASAN’s Wastewater Engineering Services Division. EWC brought leadership and assistance for key components of the One Water LA Plan: wastewater and stormwater facilities plan; communications and public engagement; recycled water, LA River study, climate resiliency for water infrastructure; funding; and leading the development of the Plan’s recommended policies and programs.



Services Provided

EWC staff has often been the representative to the mayor’s office in meetings, represented the One Water LA team to other City departments, regional agencies, and the public, and worked with all staff levels, including GM’s and Executive management. Coordination with the LARWQCB as well as the SWRCB and the SCAQMD was done on behalf of the City, as needed. Staff has learned much over the last few years understanding the complexities of the City’s inner workings in Public Works. EWC has provided strategic guidance on stakeholder engagement efforts including meeting planning, facilitation and on-going communications.

Funding and grant writing was an important part of the effort. The EWC team has worked with city staff in determining specific projects and programs for Proposition 1 funding. EWC reviewed public private partnerships and funding from Federal agencies in addition to State funding. The funding effort consists of evaluating and identifying new revenue streams and funding strategies. This includes city departments and regional agencies. EWC also played a key role in Phase 1 which provided  direction and set the collaborative tone for work to be accomplished in Phase 2. 


Project Tasks and Goals

EWC was responsible for creating the Steering committee made up of 19 City departments and regional agencies. Tasks included development of Phase 1’s Guiding Principles, determination of One Water LA plan components, the level of coordination with City departments and staff, single and joint departmental projects, interaction with stakeholders, and funding strategies for project implementation related to water. The goal and purpose of the vision, objectives, and guiding principles was to develop a framework in which to collaborate with all departments, regional entities, and stakeholders in the City to organize and manage a comprehensive plan. Phase 1 was a major effort comprised of fostering integration and inclusiveness throughout the City.


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