City of LA - DCT Storage Tanks Automation: Real Time Decision Support System

Client: City of Los Angeles- LA Sanitation Wastewater Engineering Services
Project: DCT Storage Tanks Automation: Real Time Decision Support System



Project Overview

The objective of this project was to develop an advanced dashboard that will assist the operators of the Storm Commander (SC) and the Donald C Tillman Water Reclamation (DCTWRP) in the operation of the wet weather storage to best provide hydraulic relief to the downstream restriction in the Additional Valley Outfall Relief Sewer (AVORS) line. To provide operational recommendations and situational awareness (not control). The goal was to address how an operations center can understand, model and predict the relationship between rain, plant operation, and the levels in the stormdrains and sewers downstream. Data from past events was used to build a data-driven model which used a cognitive hydraulic response system. This system used a hydraulic response system based on neural networks. It is a type of model that uses past events data and learns how the system behaves based on data. This model can be continuously trained. The input data used was:

  • Rainfall Forecasting
  • Plant flow projection
  • Time until wet weather mode
  • Operator recommendation




EWC worked with B&V and Emnet to support their software design efforts. EWC evaluated technical memorandums and reports and provide recommendations to B&V and Emnet. Further, software opportunities were considered based on EWC’s work with the City of LA and knowledge of the goals and objectives of City departments related to stormwater, wastewater, recycled water and potable water. Using this information, EWC evaluated opportunities including:

  • Current software output and uses and the potential applications based on One Water LA 2040 results
  • Insight to determine additional modules that could be written to meet the City’s future needs
  • Review LASAN’s sewer and stormwater facilities to determine future software opportunities


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