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biix can be defined as an Enterprise Level Information Management (“eLIM”) software system.

biix has been coined the world’s first search engine for buildings. biix is an enterprise Level Information Management System (eLIM) and provides many ways – not just one – to get to documents or information required to do your job. As such, biix integrates your design, construction & facility information and allows retrieval from almost any device.

The biix product has been developed and designed for Government Agencies, Public Works Departments, Facility Directors, Building Managers, Engineers, and Technicians. It helps Owners save time and money.

As a powerful search engine for buildings, it can work with existing databases and has seamless integrations with Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Tridium Niagara, and more.

With a simple touch, you can pull up building design, operation and maintenance information.

It’s all right there. biix has standardized what has historically been an impossible task. Providing many ways to find your document is what makes biix a massive game changer.

It is a solution designed to not only manage information (documents) but also to enable users to very quickly locate the information they are seeking. biix for buildings is designed to give you instant access to information (drawings, 1-lines, sequences of operation, contact lists, warranty information, etc.) – from anywhere. biix works seamlessly to provide an intuitive user experience. biix standardizes – organizing everything by building life-cycle, phases, tags and assets. biix is browser-based and is designed for both mobile and workstation/laptops.

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