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2015 Drought Art Competition Winner

"Will There Be Rain?"

By Phuong Phan


"Will There Be Rain" is a cut-out piece on white paper with a black background. The background color changes slightly from warm to cold. The source of light is part of the presentation of art work.  There is a silhouette of a miserable, thin, and skeletal man siting on dry land; his face turned toward the source of light.  In his heart is the shape of California and within California is another silhouette of a dying flower.  The man represents California and the flower represents the use of water.  If each and every Californian knew how to use water in the appropriate way then the situation would not have become this bad.  Because most Californians do nothing during the drought and just sit waiting for the weather to become better, facing the sun and the sky they wait to get rains from heaven to help. They don’t realize their excessive use of water is actually making the situation worse. They should be saving water instead of wasting water and this action should come from deep within their hearts because people usually act from their heart.  If they really understand how necessary it is to conserve water from their heart, then they will do it, not only in a drought, but throughout their life time, for the long term effect.


The main purpose of this piece is to raise awareness and draw attention to the severity of this drought, calling all Californians to conserve water from deep within their hearts.

Announcement forwarded to art students:

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