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Environmental and Water Professional Services

  EWC Yearly Art Competition and Scholarship

The 2017 Transportation Art Competiton has come to a close with some amazing contributions from Pasadena High School's students. Next year, 2018, will mark the fourth year that EW Consulting Inc. hosts its art competition and scholarship in an effort to combine learing, collaboration, and art expression within the local high schools.


The topic for 2017-2018 will be announced soon!  


The goal of this scholarship is to inform California residents of serious environmental challenges through a creative outlet such as video, print, social media, or any mixed media campaign to encourage action, conversation and promote long-term change.


EW Consulting, Inc. is focused on showcasing the ideas and future implementations of the bright minds who have first-hand understanding of environmental challenges.

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The 2017 Transportation Art Competition is here!