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EW Consulting Inc. is committed to making a difference through education and community involvement. EWC principals decide the community topic and work with community and educational leaders to develop the criteria and implement the process into the local high schools.


The topic for 2016-2017 is transportation. We will focus on innovation, safety, climate change, future of mobility in both cities and urban environments. Updates to follow.


The year, 2015-2016, EWC collaborated with Marshall Fundamental School to bring awareness to the severity of the drought by educating the students, grades 6-12, and coordinating a competition whereby the students provided ideas of how to mitigate drought issues and bring awareness to others. The judging panel was comprised of nine highly regarded professionals in the water industry. There were over 1,900 submissions recieved, culminating in five award winners, two of which were comprised of a team of students.

Students present their Drought Education Pilot Project proposals at the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles, California. This project was a collaborative effort between EW Consulting Inc. and Pasadena Unified School District's Marshall Fundamental Secondary School.

The judging panel was comprised of a select group of professionals in the water industry:

Debbie Smith, Executive Officer, CA Regional Water Quality Control Board

Mital Desai, PE, Senior Engineer, Geosyntec

Brad Boman, PE, Engineering Manager, Pasadena Water & Power

Rebecca Drayse, Principle, EW Consulting (EWC)

James Stahl, PE, Vice President, Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH)

Inge Wiersema, PE, Vice President, Regional Planning Manager, Carollo

Fran Spivey Weber, Board Member, State Water Resources Board

Martha Davis, Executive Manager of Policy, Inland Empire Utilities Agency



The student presenters, grades 6-12, were from Pasadena Unified School District’s Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena, California. The students competed at all grade levels. The 13 students or teams noted below were selected from over 1,900 submissions. They were:

Alexander Evers - Saving California One Drop at a Time

Alexia Dowell - Saving California, Drop by Drop and Day by Day

Belen Gasca - Going on a Water Diet

Christian Tran and Michael Astourian - Water We Going to do About the Drought

Elena Carillo, Maggie Runkle and Tegwyn John - Water Warning

Emma Hartley - California Water Crisis

Krish Nayar, Jerry Bronkar, German Perez and Benjamino Cruz - Lose the Salt to Save California

Valentina de la Pena and Diana Zambrano - Dangerous Drought

Arianah Rizzo and Elizabeth Brandow - Not a Gray Area for the Drought

Cadence Fisher and McCarley Root - Every Drop Goes to the Ocean

Lennon Holden - Death by Drought

Alyssa Tracy and Daniela Contreras - Out of Time and Out of Water

Antoine Moats - The California Drought Is a Serious Problem


The individual students or teams that won were:

Most Innovative: Saving California One Drop at a Time - Alexander Evers

Most Achievable/ Most Likely to Be Implemented: Water we Going to Do About the Drought? - Christian Tran and Michael Astourian  AND Out of Time and Out of Water - Alyssa Tracy and Daniela Contreras

Best Presenter: Cover Your Assets - Lennon Holden

Best Paper: Going on a Water Diet - Belen Gasca

Judges Choice: Water Hero: The California Drought is a Serious Problem - Antoine Moats


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