Environmental and Water Professional Services
Environmental and Water Professional Services

Professional Services & Certifications

EW Consulting, Inc. provides a wide range of engineering and consulting services.   In addition, EW Consulting has multiple certifications that are local, state, and federal.


Many owners are looking for a more integrated approach related to planning and engineering projects. This calls for a broad understanding of the impact of technologies, designs, approaches, and project alternatives. EW Consulting has the expertise needed for energy, environmental and water projects related to instutional, agricultural, commercial, and industrial services.

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California's Drought Emergency

Here at EW Consulting we understand that California suffers from periodic droughts.  We've assembled resources to educate the community on conservation and offer alternatives to help minimize water usage in the future.






Energy, Environmental & Water Professional Services




We strive to please our clients with our industry expertise and extensive services.  At EW Consulting, we are qualified and certified to meet many of your business needs.

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Energy, Environmental, and Water Services

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